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Bixby Voice (Latest Version) Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Bixby Voice Assistant for Android is an app developed by Samsung that can get things done by merely voice command. It does things fast and easy just for you. There are many advanced apps to find out there. They are all there to meet your needs for making good use of Smart devices. This very app here is especially said to be able to maximize your productivity with your device. It goes by the name Bixby. Aren’t you interested in knowing just how this app can do such thing for you? Let us tell you one or two things about the app here and you will get good picture of it. Here we go below, so you better pay attention to it for sure.

Voice Command to Do Almost Everything

This is what you need to note down when it comes to this app here. Yes, what’s great about it is that you can command the app to do things by voice command only. Even though it is still limited to certain accents and dialects in English, Korean, and Mandarin China, this app is worth to try. Of course, it will still develop as well. By giving voice command, you can reserve dinner, book hotel, or call taxi. Life couldn’t be any easier than this. You don’t need to type anymore if you don’t want to.

Activity Recognition to Remember Things

This app is pretty handy for a long run. Why, of course, it is because this app can recognize your needs. To do so, it learns your activity or routine with your device. It also learns the apps that you frequently use. It can even remember what you have asked and how you do so. So, when you want to do any of those things again, this app will make things fast and easy for you. It should save much of the time and effort to get everything done. You can expect no less from Samsung app.

Bixby Voice Information

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Android 7.0 and up
Latest Version (205200014)
25.9 MB

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