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1.10.0 (Latest Version) Ovidiu Pop
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Bus Simulator 17 for Android is simulation game of driving on variety of environments and weather conditions with variety of buses to pick one from. You might never think that you can get more than just the fun for simply playing games. However, today’s games are pretty much advanced and can be educational at a time. Are you dreaming of becoming a bus driver? People are free to choose what they want to become, you see. If you are interested in becoming that driver, we suggest you to give this game a try. It is not just some usual game, so give it a chance. Who knows it might be the one you are looking for?

Realistic Environment for Driver to Drive In

Of course, you will get the chance to drive a bus in this game. For that, proper environments must be there to drive the bus on. With that in mind, the developer considers about giving more realistic experience for you. In this game, players will get the opportunity to drive in all sorts of places, including the city, highway, desert, and even mountain too. The realistic cities for example, have more than one zone to offer. There are Central, Suburban, Industrial, and Countryside to drive in.

Detailed Vehicles and Weather Conditions

What’s real is not about the environment only. You can expect the same from the vehicles as well. The buses are very much detailed and you get many options to choose. There are articulated bus, double-decker bus, school bus, London bus, and many more. Also, Bus Simulator 17 is made all the more realistic with its cool weather conditions. You know it is not always sunny every day, right? In this game, you will be able to try if you can drive even in various conditions of weather. It is easier said than done, so give it a try.

Bus Simulator 17 1.10.0 Information

Ovidiu Pop
Android 4.4 and up
Latest Version
1.10.0 (17)
27 MB
Games / Simulation

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