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1.50 (Latest Version) Color Switch Phoenix LLC
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Color Switch for Android is featured with many obstacles you need to pass through to win the game. There are many arcade games out there and most of them use simple approach. However, just because they look simple and easy at first glance, it does not mean that they would be easy to beat. This game for example, has pretty high difficulty level. So, it will take quite some time before you can beat the game and be the winner. That’s exactly what makes this simple game exciting and interesting to clear. Now, let’s see what’s featured in the game, so you know it better.

Simple Gameplay but Not So Easy to Beat

Since this game uses simple approach, its gameplay wouldn’t be so complicated either. All you need to do here is to bring small colored ball through all kinds of obstacle. Every time you pass particular one, the color of the ball will change. To move the ball, you need to tap on the touchscreen. However, you need to be careful since timing is important here. If you are too late, the ball will drop. It will hit the obstacle instead if you are too fast. That is why this very game is not that easy to finish.

Obstacles with Various Plans to Block You

Of course, the path to win is not as smooth as you might think. Games wouldn’t be fun without any challenge at all. That is why there are obstacles placed along the way to break through. They vary though. There are spinning triangle with different sides, cube made of small colored circles that shrink and expand, and vertical colored ribbon that moves from side to side. Color Switch will test your finger speed to pass them all. You have to be ready before you start playing it.

Color Switch 1.50 Information

Color Switch Phoenix LLC
Android 4.4 and up
Latest Version
1.50 (441)
40.1 MB
Games / Arcade

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