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2.27 (Latest Version) Pretty Simple
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This game could be the alternative game to kill the boredom. By playing the Criminal Case, players will face some kinds of new and more interesting adventure. This game is quite appropriate, especially for those who love adventure. That is why this game becoming so popular today.

As its name, players will face many cases of criminal inside this game. This game is developed by Pretty Simple. The developer does some great jobs here, which make the game becoming more interesting to play. Million users of android have downloaded this game. It is the evidence how this game is totally great to play.

Becoming Best Detective

This game will offer player chance to be the best detective in the world. By investigating some cases, of course players will have get their dream as the best detective. Here, the game also allows the players to join with the friends to be double best detective.

Investigate Crime Scenes

This game will provide many crime scenes for the players. Here, the players will have chance to investigate the corrupt city and find how doing the fault. It will be an interesting game because you also could save the citizens and societies from the corrupt government.

Examines Clues

In playing this game, players will face many clues. The task to do is examining the clues and then analyzing the samples of the clues to look for evidences. This feature will push the players to boost their brain finding the criminal evidences. We are sure it will be new challenger for the players. Criminal Case could be an interesting game to play. It is not only an adventure game but also the strategic and thinking game.

Criminal Case 2.27 Information

Pretty Simple
Android 4.0.3 and up
Latest Version
2.27 (1569511)
66.7 MB

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