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8.8.1 (Latest Version) Social Point
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Dragon City is one of the best games that will offer new experience for the player to play the game in their android. Since this game is interesting, this game will take on the hottest battle game because the feature and game play of the game. In this game, you will let to train the fire-breathing dragons as your special ability to defeat the enemies. However, if you want to get the title of the master in the world, you should build your city and also prove you might in the game.

Actually, the game play of this one is a social simulation where the player should build magic city which all the dragons can live happily together. Therefore, the player should give the dragons place to sleep, food, entertainment, and so forth that are needed by them. In this game, the player also can find trains and master more than 100 different dragons. The game is also usually updated weekly and the dragons in this game will grow. Moreover, to get interest many dragons, you should build interest city.

Furthermore, the game also has impressive features that will comfort the player to play the game. This game has over 500 dragons to breed and collect them to make your city growing. Every week, the new dragon will join in the game so that you can take them in your special city. However, the most important thing in this feature is that the player should be social. It means that they should join alliances to play and battle with other masters. You also can chat with them and collaborate to make the game getting better.

The main purpose of this Dragon City for Android is that to train the dragons so that they can fight with players online. Because of that, this game will be impressive and it will entertain the player both adults and kids very well.

Dragon City 8.8.1 Information

Social Point
Android 4.0.3 and up
Latest Version
8.8.1 (1804260865)
98.7 MB
Games / Simulation

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