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1.0.236021409 (Latest Version) Google LLC
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Google Files Go is one of the smartest app that will help the user to manage their storage in their android device. This one will help you to empty your smartphone space. Furthermore, if you want to search any files, you will be easier with this one because it will help you to find the file faster. You also can share easily for other people although you are in offline. With the best features in the app, you will get satisfaction to install in your android device.

The apps will give you satisfaction features that can increase the performance of the android device. Since it is one of the smart apps, this one will automate filter designs to locate the detritus in your android device. Like other best feature, it can get rid of the files and apps that free up storage on your android. With this feature, the performance of the phone will be better. To get rid of the files and apps, you only need to tap the apps.

Furthermore, you also can check your storage easily. To know the space in your android is important because it will help you to empty the files that are not used anymore. Besides, you also will have a feature that can share any files even if you are offline. In this sharing action, the speed is about 490 Mbps in transferring process without internet connection. The file that can be shared is including photos, videos, documents, or other apps easily.

In addition, the Files Go by Google for Android also can share transcription file and backup file into Cloud so that you will be easier to do in your android device. The app will be your best storage management because this one only needs less than 9 MB in your phone storage. There is no either malware or Bloatware that will influence your phone performance because this app will work efficiently and effectively.

Files Go by Google 1.0.236021409 Information

Google LLC
Android 5.0 and up
Latest Version
1.0.236021409 (21010)
9.5 MB

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