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1.03 (Latest Version) RobTop Games
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Geometry Dash World for Android has the same gameplay to offer. However, it does come with more levels and challenges for you all to take on. There is nothing better than playing games when you feel bored and don’t have anything to do. It is very much entertaining after all. Speaking about games though, they range from the simplest to the most advanced ones. There is nothing wrong about going either way. Just because one is simple, it does not mean that it is not that fun to play for. This game for example, has been further featured besides having the same game aspect as its old version. Let’s talk more here.

Fun Gameplay to the End of Each Level

Of course, there is fun even in simple games like this. The gameplay will have you kept advancing without stopping. Along the way however, there will be all sorts of obstacles. When you meet them, you will have to jump with the right timing. Here, you need to be careful. Calculate your jump till the last millimeter if you don’t want to hit something. If you do, you need to start your current level from the start. See? It might seem simple at first, but the game can be this fun and not easy to beat. There is also Geometry Dash Meltdown which has new stories.

Dozens of Levels to Challenge Yourself

Unlike its previous version that can only offer small number of levels, this game gives you dozens of them to take on yourself. With these, you know it won’t be so fast before you beat the game. Not to mention, there are daily challenges and other special events too. Your days won’t be so boring with it. There is new fun to expect every day after all. That is why we have Geometry Dash World to recommend to you here. Give it a try. You will see if this game can really entertain you.

Geometry Dash World 1.03 Information

RobTop Games
Android 4.0 and up
Latest Version
1.03 (5)
63.4 MB
Games / Arcade

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