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Google Find My Device

2.3.008 (Latest Version) Google LLC
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This app helps people track down their lost device on the map. For safety, this app allows them to lock it remotely. Losing devices, like hand phone, tablet, or watch somewhere is not an unusual thing anymore. Even though people have put an effort as much as possible to minimize the possibility, it still happens when we are careless about it. On such occasion, we suggest you to use Google Find My Device App for Android to solve the problem. What is this app and how can it help us? We need to take a look at its features to find out about it. Give us the chance to be the one who tell you then. Let’s see below.

Map to Track Down the Lost Device

If there is simple word to describe this app, tracker is the one more fitting than anything for it. Yes, this app has the ability to track down where your lost devices are on the map. If they seem to be in unknown location, it will tell you the last place the devices are known. What if they are lost inside building then? You can rest assured even for that. After all, this app can show you floor map, so you can find the devices wherever they are. Google Maps will help show you the way to reach them too.

Lock Devices to Safely Secure Them

The developer knows that tracking down the device alone wouldn’t be enough to give total protection for you. That is why Google Find My Device has been further featured with the ability to lock the lost devices. The locking is done with the use of custom message and contact number in the lock screen. With this feature, you can prevent anyone from accessing what’s inside until you find the device. So, you can at least feel at ease during the time the device’s still lost.

Google Find My Device 2.3.008 Information

Google LLC
Android 4.0 and up
Latest Version
2.3.008 (20000116)
3.5 MB

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