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3.8.2 (Latest Version) Not A Basement International
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Manga Rock is the one if you want to experience reliable manga reading. You are not only to get new updates, but also customize viewer if you want. Are you one of the people who enjoy reading Japanese manga? If so, you must have ever read comic books before, right? As the technology advances, you get digital manga online to read. When Smartphone was not yet to come around, we have to use computer or PC to browse and read the manga online. Fortunately, things are getting easier since we can now browse from our Android. For quick search though, you should try using this app. Let’s talk more about it here.

Thousands of Manga Titles to Pick and Read

Browsing through PC can get you lots of choices to choose one from, right? However, you can still expect the same from this app here. Why, of course, it is because this app has huge library to offer. From it, you can expect to find thousands of manga titles to choose one from. Of course, they are available for read in high quality of images. Not to mention, they get constant update, so we can follow what each chapter has to offer until the end of the story. It’s worth getting this on the go app.

Impressive Customization with Flexible Settings

Another great thing about Manga Rock for Android is that you can actually customize the way you view the manga. Its flexible settings are there to give you seamless reading. You can absolutely customize the viewer the way you want. There are Reading Mode, Reading Direction, Brightness, and more. Set them as you wish and you will be able to enjoy reading manga on your Android to the fullest. Something like this can’t be possible if you just browse and read manga websites through your computer. You don’t own them after all.

Manga Rock 3.8.2 Information

Not A Basement International
Android 5.0 and up
Latest Version
3.8.2 (382)
32.7 MB

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    4 months ago

    Please update manga rock devinitive 3.7.6

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      Hernawan (moderator)

      4 months ago

      v3.7.6 is available

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