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This app allows for free phone calls and text messages. There is no limit, restriction, or exception of some sort to it. People always find the need to communicate with others whom they can’t meet directly at the moment. However, calling people by phone usually costs us much. It will be all the more so when you make international phone call. What do we have to do then? You don’t need to worry since there is Nextplus Free SMS Text for Android now. What can this app contribute exactly? We need to take a look at its features to find it out. Now let’s see if there are things that might interest you here.

Unlimited Phone Calls and Text Messages

The first contribution it can give to you is its ability to let you make unlimited calls and even send unlimited messages. Be it incoming or outgoing calls, you can do so from and to any phone number. There is no restriction or exception to it. It applies the same with the text messages. You can send and receive them unlimitedly with just anyone. You are free to communicate with your families and acquaintances. That’s the freedom people would expect from something used for communication.

No Limit that Restricts Application Usage

Yes, this app is free and all. It is no wonder if you think that there might be some sort of limit to it. After all, not everything is free. When one is free, there used to be exception to it. You don’t have to worry about it if you choose to go with Nextplus Free SMS Text. This app has no limit. There is no contract and commitment to agree on. There is no phone purchase and hidden fees to pay as well. It is completely free, indeed. So, make good use of it to reap its benefits. Keep it in mind.

Nextplus Free SMS 2.4.8 Information

Android 4.1 and up
Latest Version
2.4.8 (24801062)
37.8 MB

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