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Plague Inc for Android is one of the interesting games that will challenge the players to play the game very well. Since this game is strategy game, the players should arrange their best strategy to win each game. In this one, you should infect all humanity with fatal virus. To infect the virus, the players should start with a strain developed through experimentation on the players’ patient zero. The way to play this game is also actually not difficult so that you do not worry to play the game on the android.

Since this game is a real time strategy simulation video game, the players should create and evolve a pathogen in an effort to destroy the world with a deadly plague. This game uses unique model where it applies epidemic model with a complex and realistic set of variable that can stimulate the spread and severity of the plague in the game. To help the players to spread the plague, this game has impressive feature that will facilitate the players very much.

The game has impressive feature because it has some types of pathogens. Each pathogen will influence the evolution decision. The subsequent pathogen that can be found in this game is including the fungus, virus, parasite, nano-virus, prion, and bio-weapon. Moreover, the game also offers special plagues including the mind controlling Neurax Worm or the zombie plague Necroa Virus that will help the players to destroy the world.

On the visual level, this Plague Inc is not too impressive because it has menus and simple interface. Moreover, the app has nice design because it is clean and it is a real pleasure that will move between the menus. With those impressive features, this game will entertain the players very much. Once the players figure this game out, they will find the satisfaction at their space time.

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Android Varies with device
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1.16.2 (88)
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