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Games where players walk around the already designed towns are easy to be found everywhere, right? In fact, it is there in almost every game. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if players begin to think that it would be nice if they can make the town themselves. For that, you have Minecraft games to consider. However, if you have already played the game before and you ask for more, you can try playing Simple Sandbox for Android. Let us tell you what the game covers to give you good picture.

Huge Material Amount to Build Things

In order to make the whole town of your dream, of course you will need much material to work on the buildings and everything, right? You don’t have to worry though. Materials are not a problem in this game here. You can get everything you need to build the kind of towns you desire it to be. It is not only that. In this very game we are talking about here, you will be able to make purchase of wheelbarrows and use many weapons to defend your town. It is more than just town building here.

Friend Invitations Sent to Play Together

You don’t always have to enjoy the game all alone. The developer makes it possible for players to be able to invite friends too. By doing so, you can have fun together in this game world Simple Sandbox has to offer. It will get all the merrier with more people joining the fun, right? You have the time to focus on your town, and you do get the chance to share the fun with your friends. What can you ask more then? It has everything you can ask for. In fact, it has more to offer for us to enjoy.

Simple Sandbox 1.5.1 Information

Android 4.0 and up
Latest Version
1.5.1 (71)
90.8 MB
Games / Simulation
Package Name

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