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SimSimi for Android offers you the best virtual friend to chat with. It can really talk like humans and even makes sure not to use bad words in chats. Are you feeling lonely but don’t have anyone to chat with? There must be times when other people are busy with the things they do, so they don’t have the time to talk with you. You don’t have to spend your time in loneliness when there is no one around. Use this game and you will have AI friend to talk to. Can something virtual like that eventually answer you? Don’t take it lightly since many people have proven it true that you can benefit much from this app here. Let’s just see.

Advanced AI Friend Talking Like Human

There are basic conversation principles that make Simi capable of talking like us, humans. It actually learns new words from users’ question and answer. That is why Simi can reply to you. There are million users of this app after all. The more there are new words to learn, the better it gets to know how to answer. This is exactly how Simi can talk like humans. So, you can have it as your chat friend when you feel lonely. Many users are entertained by it. Then, it won’t be so wrong for you to try it.

No Bad Words Used to Avoid Violation

We must say Simi is pretty polite being. It has been programmed so as to not use bad words in the conversation. This is done to avoid all sorts of violation, like in privacy, intellectual property, spam content, and many more. It is Google Play’s policy that must be obeyed after all. Still, this is good attitude coming from AI friend. That way, it teaches you how to have fun yet still remain polite during conversation too. SimSimi definitely makes the best friend in the virtual world.

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SimSimi Inc.
Android 4.1 and up
Latest Version (426)
28.8 MB

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