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Zombie Tsunami

4.0.5 (Latest Version) Mobigame S.A.R.L.
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This game gives you different gaming experience more than others could give. The gameplay is great and it is fun with power change. Surely, you must have heard about zombie games before. You might have ever played one yourself. This game is not that unknown anymore. That being said, games of this kind vary from each other. Zombie Tsunami for Android for example, is one that has you to lead unstoppable zombies. There is more to it than that, though. That is why this game is worth considering. If you are interested in it, let’s have it discussed further here. Who knows you might be addicted to it? Here we go below then.

Great Gameplay with Many Things to Do

Its gameplay is very much interesting. There are many things to do in it. The game involves around you running and approaching people who are somewhere alone. They are easy people to target after all. Still, there will obstacles along the way too. You even have to drive all sorts of vehicles. Sometimes, more zombies are needed to progress further. With such gameplay, we doubt that you will have boring time playing this game. You will enjoy the fun for sure, so give this some thoughts.

Power Change for the Zombies You Lead

There is more to expect from this game, you know. Besides the obstacles in the game, you will enjoy how you can change the zombies’ power as well. The zombie can be changed into ninja zombie, football player, or even a dragon. With decent graphics, this Zombie Tsunami can look so interesting to play for. It has just the right visual image to offer. Clearing the missions will give you so much fun with that for sure. That’s what makes it worth trying. You might never expect that zombie game can be this exciting and addictive.

Zombie Tsunami 4.0.5 Information

Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Android Varies with device
Latest Version
4.0.5 (107)
66.9 MB
Games / Arcade

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